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What Readers are Saying:


"Dreams of the Heart, vol. I"

"As Joie Schmidt touches her pen, her spirit spills onto the page and provokes the reader to look deeply within themselves and outwardly to face the beauty of the world that surrounds them.  Universally emphatic, undeniably inspiring, and deeply moving are her poems of love, hope, and overcoming adversity, which we recognize as our own.  Joie Schmidt has an incredible talent for crafting beautiful collections of words that easily string the reader from one poem to the next---deeply moving, touching, and inspiring them.  This is a beautiful book of poetry that will open your heart and touch your soul, a book to read again and again.  Whether you love poetry or are just testing the waters, this is your invitation to a truly loving mind." (5 star review on Amazon)   

♥ "Joie's poems are encouraging and beautiful.  The words she used are well-penned together.  She's both an artist and a poet -- allowing the reader to see with their eyes and feel with their heart." (5 star review on Amazon)

♥ "Joie - this was Heartfelt poetry, and you just reminded us once again that if we keep on trusting, there will always be HOPE- loved it. When I read your poetry I just know that your heart is filled with words of passion, understanding, kindness, love, hope, joy and so much more and the wonder of it all is that you share it so beautifuly with us all..." (-Whisper Poetry Club)

♥ "I started reading your book, and I must say so far its very Inspiring, especially "Gift of the Moment", "Angel Wings", and definitely "Dreams of the Hearth"... Very Nice work my friend, I will let u know when I am done, but keep that Light shinning, and stay on that righteous path... Let's Heal the World, Step by Step, Peace and Love!" (-says, Jai'Son Victor, inspirational hip hop artist)

"Amazing read! Highly recommend this to anyone! Inspirational, touching and full of beauty." (-5 star review on Amazon)

♥ "...Joie, I just finished your book Dreams of the Heart. Really beautiful poems. I really liked A Poet's Story, it gave me a sense of fragility and possibilities. Your poems are very uplifting and optimistic. I also enjoyed the vivid imagery I got from A Perfect Summer's Day. Great job! Hope to see more of your poetry soon!" (-says, Ryan Hernandez, poet/musician)

♥ "Dreams of the Heart was such a delight to read and the poems are so beautiful in this collection.  Filled with inspiring and picturesque poems, one can only be taken to the meadows and clouds of our dreams.  Every poem linked me to a moment in my life that I can only remember with such eloquence.  Joie embodies a gifted and timeless poet, and as a reader can identify with her writing.  This book is fluid, expressive and brilliant with metaphors and personified images of romance that I felt very connected to every line.  Her work is relatable and genuine, this is a must read!" (-5 star review on Amazon)

♥ "Joie has inspired many during the time she has been writing. During one of the darkest times in my life Joie saved me from myself with kind words she shared and her diligent work with loving, caring kindness in her heart and with the words she shares. She definitely rates a 20 but I can only give her 5 stars here. I recommend everyone read her books and everything she shares with the world! Joie makes a DIFFERENCE in our lives!" (5 star review on B&N)

♥ "LOVE "Dreams of the Heart"...absolutely LOVE it! Congratulations on beginning to be recognized for your talent. I believe there's so much more to come!" (-says Gina Restivo, Advocate of The Danny Did Foundation)

♥ "I adore Joie Schmidt's writing! I have known her for many many years and everything she has written has truly touched my heart. Some write and you do not get a sense of real feeling however Joie does write from her heart. She expresses herself in the same light as she lives a beautiful loving life. I applaud her once again for penning Dreams of the Heart. (5 star review on B&N)

♥ "Dreams of the Heart is an inspirational must read for anyone looking for a positive out look on life.  Thanks Joie Schmidt for these wonderful words from heaven in your book." (-5 star review on Amazon)

♥ "Joe Schmidt's poetry and positive messages come at a time when negative thinking, judgement and perssimism seem to be taking over our consciousness.  Her message is short, clear and to the point.  It's about the love, people and you can not help but feel good when you read her work.  There is simplicity and artfulness that mesh in a way that elevates the reader's frequency. If only for a short time.  But it's important that Joie-- and others like her spread a positive message about love and God when it is most needed.  And, she does it with finesse and without a trace of sanctimony.  Her words are heartfelt.  Enjoy!" (5 star review on Amazon)

♥ "I'm such a Fan of Joie!!! Her work is so beautiful and warm. It's a reflection of her wonderful spirit. This book of poetry is a breath of fresh air and I am sure it will be enjoyable to anyone who reads it." (5 star review on Amazon)

♥ "Joie Schmidt is an amazing, gifted, breathe of fresh air.  Her love and spirit soars in every word she speaks and writes.  Please do not pass up the chance to enjoy and own Dreams of the Heart.  You will be forever captivated by her grace and style." (5 star review on Amazon)

♥ A quote from a review: "Hopeful is actually a good word to describe this book of prose – hopeful. Looking at the beauty of love and reaching for guidance from above is even better than it sounds" 

(5 star review on iTunes)


"Dreams of the Heart, vol. II"

♥ "What a wonderful book!! by Joie Schmidt. <3. Dreams of the Heart is a book of WISDOM, like a food for the soul, that upon reading every poem in this book... you will find yourself in a Magical Land!! very inspiring.. uplifts your spirit.. gives you HOPE, feels the Genuine LOVE, TRUSTING in your FAITH to GOD, appreciates every BLESSING from GOD, gives assurance of ABUNDANCE and COMFORTS, shows VICTORY over TRIALS.  Teaches LIFE, to HOLD on to your DREAMS... LEARN the VISION of your HEART .. an endless strings of LOVE <3. very CREATIVE! A TESTIMONY of GOD'S MARVELOUS works in life of the AUTHOR... CONGRATULATIONS!!" (5 star B&N review)


"Keep Joy in a Pocket & Love in a Heart Locket!"

♥ "I just purchased your book and am elated to read your inspiring words of love and wisdom.  You are a visionary and an inspiration to this world." (-says, Nicoletta Francesca, columnist "Soul Kisses TV")

♥ "Joie is a truly gifted, blessed soul in this world.  Her words have the ability to touch your heart's core.  There are many of us in the world that pacify our dreams out of fear of the unknown.  Joie tells us that there is only love in this world for the taking.  She is a wonderful writer who has brought her greatness to life in print.  Be sure to read "Keep Joy in a Pocket & Love in a Heart Locket!" -- it will leave you smiling." (5 star review on NOOK)


Some Favorite Reader Comments:

♥ "This is a touch of divinity"

♥ "You are truly a genius!!! With you your words and emotions!!!"

♥ "I think the best tribute I can give it is in saying it is 100% professional, it has all the ingredients of a prize winner, beautiful words, flowing with sensation and passion. PURE GOLD CLASS!!"

♥ "There are poets who write, there are poets who are inspired to write, while there are poets whose poems inspire."


Excerpt from "Dreams of the Heart, vol. I"



A buried chest of treasures
Splendid to the touch
Dazzling to the eye
A gift beyond measure

Spinning before the mind
Reeling in abundance
Joyful without a care
Rejoicing in the perfect rush

Reach for the sky
Touch the rainbow’s end
It’s yours for the taking
Let your spirit soar high

Dance in humility’s rain
Embrace all that is good
Inhale Spring’s dew kissed air
Risk where other’s have simple stood

Take a chance
Despite all those who haven’t cared
A heart as innocently pure as yours
Is a rare blessing meant to be shared


The Vision in Our Hearts


Shall not the shadows in your eyes
Form droplets of patience
Blankets of better times


Shall not the seas of victor
Create the best of greater days
For are we not children of God
And He, our North Star in every way

- (Or shall we drift aimlessly
forlorn vessels dashed against
a sea of torrential rains) -


Shall we not rise together as one
To face another tomorrow
With sturdy chins and mindsets
Toward the brightest sun


Shall not the vision in our hearts
Blaze the hottest flame of passion
‘Til the walls of our vulnerabilities
Meaningfully, come undone


The Miracle of Life

When under the moon
A crimson river cut through
And, the pale night
Has somehow
Forgotten you

There is the familiar shiver
The night’s air so cool
It calls the spirit to attention
It reminds the heart
That a love so true
Forever blooms

For, it is unlike
The wounded foot
To remain scarred
To remain maimed
Incurably hard

For, like the mighty oak
And the rich green vine
Survival is an insurmountable prize
A sacred treasure to find

Indestructible, unbreakable
The roots dig deeper
Branching out, unshakable
As they stretch and reach
For the gift of light
The nourishing blessing
The miracle of life


And, Blessings Unto You

And blessings unto you
Dearest angels
Be not ever blue

Let immaculate rivers
Delicately, wash over your skin
Let kindness flow gently in

Be comforted
By words of truth

Dearest angels,
Be not ever blue
For He
Has always loved you


Keep Joy in a Pocket

Build your walls stronger
Create your days wiser
Take time to thoughtfully remember

You’ve all the answers inside your heart
Never let anyone drag you down
Or pull your spirit apart

There are angels in the midst
Everywhere you go
You find them in small glances
In smiles that twinkle
In sometimes the most
Unexpected happenstances

Let compliments wash over your soul
Let beauty cleanse everything you know
In heaven there is only good
The rest are spirits wandering
Aching to be understood

Remember this truth
That any unkind remark
Could never be uttered about you

So, keep joy in a pocket
And love in a heart locket
Leave anything else behind
Your spirit can only hear the kind

You can only trust beauty
It can’t help but seek you out
Dear Child, you are loved completely
You never have to worry or doubt

I’ll always be here by your side
Just stop a moment when times are tough
And know that everything you are
Has always been, perfectly enough.


Rainbow Prism Beams

The kindness of one’s soul
Always shines brightly
Through eyes of love
Eyes of genuine affection
When hearts soar and give
Without end or reason
The world is lifted to another realm
Embracing every living thing



© 2010 Joie Schmidt. All rights reserved.♥